Monday, February 06, 2006

A question for other PWDs...

I woke up this morning all sweaty. Pili said, "I think you're low." Naa, I said. Just the lovely big fat comforter and flannel pjs effect. She raised an eyebrow, but I seemed relatively coherent, so she let me get to my coffee. Once I had gotten enough caffeine into my system to manage the hand-eye coordination challenge of blood onto strip, I discovered... 67.

If you have a partner/spouse/significant other, how involved are they in your daily diabetes routine? Is their level of involvement more or less than what you would like? Do they know you better than you know yourself?


Blogger Kerri. said...

My boyfriend is very active in my diabetes care. He knows what all "the numbers" mean. He can program my pump and test my bloodsugar in the event of an emergency. He takes care of me when I'm exercising.

And when he thinks I'm asleep in those wee early hours of the morning, I feel him check my forehead to see if I'm slightly sweaty from a low. I love him most for that.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Kassie said...

my husband and I both have type 1. I'm very aware of his symptoms of lows, and I always check up on him when he's sick to be sure he's not running too high or sleeping through shots, etc. I don't think he's tuned into my diabetes much at all. The other night I was low - had juice - came back into the kitchen 10 mins later for 3 packs of fruit snacks. I the tables were turned, I'd have been watching him like a hawk to be sure he came out of it ok. Him, not so much. But he's never been the person standing there while the EMT's do their thing (whereas I have) so maybe that affects his approach to me.

4:12 PM  
Blogger melissa said...

I just found your blog because you commented on mine (sweetblood). I'm beginning to think that in a lot of ways my husband does know me better than I know myself - a little bit scary but mostly comforting. When you get down to it he is really not that inlvolved (or as inlvolved as he should be) in my daily diabetes care. He's very supportive but not so much hands on. He is good about the lows and puts up with the crankiness of the highs. I'm not sure how much more hands-on I would really want him to be - I really think that for me, this struggle with diabetes is something I have to take control of and be responsible of for myself. The "d" and I are just going to have to duke this out between the 2 of us and maybe somewhere down the line mys husband will play a bigger part.


3:31 PM  
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