Friday, March 31, 2006

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The (U.S.) diabetes blogworld has been buzzing
about s.1955, a bill which claims to allow americans better access to insurance.

Instead, it allows companies to circumvent state laws requiring insurers to cover certain services - including diabetes supplies.

I'm not sure why there hasn't been a furor about this in the infertility and feminist blogworlds as well. It would also allow insurers to get around state laws requiring coverage of little minor details of women's lives such as contraception and infertility. See this Consumer Watchdog report (pdf) for more details. Indeed, Planned Parenthood calls this the "lose your benefits bill."




Blogger Results Matter said...

Right on! There are 20.8 million Americans with diabetes out there and 40 million pre-diabetics, we need to band together and protect ourselves against this vicious legislation.

The information referenced in this post lays out the steps each and everyone of us needs to take in order to prtect the coverate we have. This is really searious and we need to all band together.

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