Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Five Things

1) I'm SICK. I have an ear infection (since when do grownups get ear infections?) and am on antibiotics and about five thousand decongestants trying to get the damn gunk to drain out of my ear. Of course when it does, it drains down my throat and makes me cough, which makes my ear feel like I've just gotten off a poorly pressurized plane. Gah. Gack. And sudafed makes me feel like my blood sugar is low (racing heart, etc.) even when it is not. Although actually, my sugars have been stellar lately, despite the infection.

1.5) I also have laryngitis. No voice whatsoever. Those of you who know me in person, know that this is torture for me. Pure torture.

2) The Job That Blows is really busy and I have a conference proposal to write, due Friday. It would be much easier if I could actually talk to the people I want to have on the panel. Yes, this means I really shouldn't be blogging at work.

3) I expect to be passing notes with the pump educator at my one month follow up tomorrow. Am actually curious to see what my AIC will be.

4) I mailed the I600A AND dropped all of our homestudy docs off at Vaseline Teeth's yesterday. Our individual appointments with her are Friday, and the joint meeting at our house is Monday. I hope I have a voice by then. I expect this weekend to be spent cleaning things I never knew needed to be cleaned as my beloved wife (WIFE, do you hear me appeals court asswipes?) freaks out.

5) The wonderful Cali stepped into the middle of all this and made my day by declaring me the tribute of tribute tuesday. And telling me that my rainbows were a winner for Photo Friday. Thank you Cali! Thank you Photo Phriday Phriends!


Blogger Calliope said...

Oh honey, I hope you feel better! I used to get ear infections all the time & they really hurt!

Hopefully you will get an in-box full of love.
Happy Tribute Tuesday!

12:03 PM  
Blogger J said...

Here is my outpouring of happiness and joy to you Art.

I find that ice-cream helps with laryingitis. Even if it doesn't "help" it certainly tastes good.

mmm. ice cream. The local place here always has one sugar free flavor on soft serve - and another shop makes hard ice cream so good you'd never know that there was no sugar in it.

I hope you feel better, and that people keep telling you how great you are, all day long.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Care said...

Being sick is the pits! Hope you are feeling better and get your voice back soon.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Co said...

You and Lo can commisserate. She had 2 infections in one ear recently and was in a lot of pain, but she's finally on the mend. So, here's hoping for a speedy recovery for you, too.

And laryngitis stinks, especially when you NEED your voice.

Hope you're on the mend soon.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

Yeah, I'm here to commiserate on the ear infection business. It HURTS. Feel better soon!!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Trista said...

Why is it that one always seems to get sick right when there are a million things to do? Why not in the middle of a slump at work when no one will miss you if you baby yourself?

I hope you get better soon. You're fabulous.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Sarah S. said...

I hope you feel much more like your fabulous normal self soon, especially as you have so many things to get done.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Sophia said...

awww hope you feel better soon!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous tonya cinnamon said...

oh i hope you feel tons better soon.. gargel salt water helps and a honey and tea and rum drink helps 10 x more :)
congrats on winning the rainbow contest!
showing the love to you all! @};--

3:27 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Laryngitis is the worst. And just wait til you are a parent and have it! Ever try yelling at a kid without a voice? Yelling is my power. I languish without it.

Congrats on the completed homestudy and I600A, that is a major accomplishment!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Congrats on your photo! Hope you feel better soon!

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Liza said...

Hello fabulous art-sweet! In the spirit of Calliope's Tribute Tuesday (on Wednesday), here's some Internet Luv. :)

Feel better. You are fabulous!!

1:41 PM  
Blogger erinberry said...

Ugh, get well soon! I had a dreadful ear infection last Dec... It sucked!

Yay on your adoption progress though!

12:48 AM  

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